The Magpie and the Snake

The Magpie and the Snake

Steve Trotter 

PaperBack Ι October 30, 2021

Balagaan must choose: let his mortal enemy wed the love of his life, or break the lore to be with her and risk certain death. Balagaan comes from a saltwater people; Gawngan comes from a desert people. They are forbidden to marry. But for these star crossed lovers, their love is worth the risk; even if it means death.

After the tribal Elders learn of their secret relationship, they banish Balagaan to live with another clan for a number of years, hoping that the love between the boy and girl will die. Entrusted to learn their ways and language, he must live there until he is summoned back home where he can take his place amongst his people.

While the years pass, and Balagaan passes through his initiations into manhood, his childhood friend, Yirinyin, must also pass his rites into manhood. After failing to prevent a terrible accident on a kangaroo hunt, Yirinyin feels he is failing the old ways, but when his clan encounters the Newcomers in their strange skins in the boat with wings, the old ways themselves may soon be under threat.

Summoning Balagaan home, he returns to make a terrible discovery. His childhood sweetheart is betrothed to his mortal enemy. Risking everything to be with his true love, he visits the terrifying Aboriginal sorcerer, the Clever Man for his help.

While the Clever Man foretells that Balagaan will be with his true love if he wins the treacherous Tree Climbing event, he cannot be trusted. His ways are mysterious and sometimes, deadly. Also, Balagaan has two obstacles in the way: he is terrified of heights, and his enemy, Dangan, wants to kill him!

Can he really win the challenge and avoid getting killed, then break the lore and marry his childhood sweetheart or is the Clever Man playing a deadly trick on him?

If Balagaan fails, he may not survive, and his true love will be doomed to marry his adversary.

Mixing thrilling action and touching romance, Steve Trotter gives a wonderful insight into Aboriginal life in Book 1 of his Australia’s Black History series. Buy ‘The Magpie and the Snake’ to start your journey into celebrating Australia’s rich and wonderful history today!


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‘Like Dark Emu, it paints the strength and grace of Aboriginal people.’
John Gardiner, journalist and author.

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