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Stories about the Nyangbal Aboriginal people set on Bundjalung lands. We respectfully caution Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander readers that this website contains images of people who have passed away.

· Australia’s Black History series! ·

‘The Magpie and the Snake’

The 1st book in the series.

Over 1000 copies sold!

Suitable for readers 12+ to adult. 

‘Gawngan and the Marriage Tree’

The 2nd book is a stand alone chapter picture book that follows on from book 1.

Suitable for readers 9+ to adult.


The 3rd book in the series. It’s gritty and action-packed.

Suitable for readers 15+ to adult.


All 3 Books!

A hard back book with cover art by Marcus Ferguson!

Coming soon!

Australia’s Black History

Think you know your Australian history? Think again.

Australia’s Black History is a novel series like no other. Weaving history and myth together it retells the story of the impact of British colonisation on the Nyangbal people of modern day Ballina.

The first book, ‘The Magpie and the Snake’, introduces readers to the world of the Gurii people prior to colonisation. We meet the heroes, the lovers, Balagaan and Gawngan, and Dangan, their nemesis, who feature in traditional Bundjalung stories. They play out an age-old moral tale at an incredibly significant setting, called Bullinaa, where a massive oyster festival is held.

The second book, ‘Gawngan and the Marriage Tree’ is a tale about women’s business, showing the incredible strength and determination of the Aboriginal dubays from Bullinaa.

The last book, ‘Savages’, is a truth telling of a massacre as dreadful as the one at Myall Creek, told through the eyes of the Balagaan and Gawngan, and Balagaan’s nemesis, Dangan, who is forced to be a black tracker for the Native Police.

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‘It’s like we’ve each got a piece of the puzzle but Trotter’s got them all and put them into a book.’

Lenny Moran, proud Nyangbal man from the Bundjalung Nation.

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